Deodorizing Insole

Price: $16.99
SKU: 40293

The Sof Sole® Deodorizing Insole is versatile enough to fit in all your shoes while being tough enough to fight odor. The thin, unisex design fits most shoes, from work boots to athletic shoes and everything in between, to absorb odor. Perforations in the insole allow for breathability while a charcoal infused top cloth helps keeps feet dry for an added deodorizing effect. Featuring Silvadur™ technology to inhibit the growth of odor-causing bacteria and a footbed infused with a fresh scent, this insole is a must have for keeping shoes fresh. To use, simply remove the existing insole from your shoe and insert the Deodorizing Insole. For a custom fit, trim the new insole using scissors. Insole may be hand washed and air dried as needed. Each pack comes with three pairs of insoles to ensure your shoes stay fresh.

  • Footbed infused with a light, fresh scent and Silvadur™ technology inhibit growth of odor-causing bacteria
  • Comes with three pairs of insoles that can be trimmed for a custom fit
  • Perforated for breathability and added flexibility
  • Soft top cover keeps feet dry for added deodorizing effect