Liquid Silicone

Price: $4.99
SKU: 82065
  • Sof Sole® Liquid Silicone is a great addition to your camping supplies as an outdoor gear and leather protector.

Liquid Silicone protects outdoor gear while maintaining the look and feel of different materials. It protects leather and outdoor gear against moisture by coating every fiber. Treated articles remain pliable through repeated wetting and drying cycles. Liquid Silicone can also be used to seal seams on tents, boots, and more. Ideal for smooth leather, grain leather, and outdoor gear.

  • Protects leather and outdoor gear
  • Treated articles remain pliable throughout wetting and drying cycles
  • Great for sealing seams on tents, boots, etc.
  • Ideal for use on smooth leather, grain leather, and outdoor gear

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